EXCLUSIVE Cover Drive’s Amanda: One Direction’s Niall is absolutely sweet

When we saw Cover Drive's Amanda Reifer looking cosy with One Direction's Niall Horan last month, we had to know if there was more to their relationship than just being friends.

Niall and Amanda looking cosy last month. [Copyright Twitter]

Luckily, last week team omg! met up with Amanda and her band mates where we tried to find out exactly what was going on between the pop pair.

She told us: "We didn't have too much time together. He was absolutely sweet"

"We didn't have too much time to talk but he was very sweet that's all I can say."

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Amanda may have been coy about her answers but band mate T-Ray, who was stood behind her, was less subtle, giggling and mouthing that she in fact fancied him.

Realising what was going on Amanda then admitted: "I would definitely date him if his personality was right!"

Probing further, we then asked if she would be happy for omg! to set the two up on a date.

Amanda replied: "What are you, cupid or something? Jeez!"

So that isn't a no...

Cover Drive perfroming. [Copyright Rex]

This is not the first time Amanda has been linked to a member of One Direction.

Talking to omg! earlier this year, Amanda admitted that she used to share the same makeup artist as Zayn Malik who would pass on messages between the two.

It seems that just like the rest of the female population; Amanda can't resist a One Direction lad.