EXCLUSIVE: Cheryl Cole can do no wrong, says Lisa Snowdon

We were squealing with excitement when Cheryl Cole popped up in a surprise performance at the Capital Summertime Ball last month.

Lisa SnowdonLisa Snowdon has revealed she loves Cheryl Cole. Copyright [WENN]So when we got that chance to have an exclusive chat with Lisa Snowdon, who hosts the Capital FM Breakfast show, we couldn't wait to get her thoughts on Cheryl Cole.

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Lisa Snowdon told us: "It was very exciting and it was great for her because there were no expectations, the reaction from the crowd when the screen went up was amazing. She looked so cool, like a space age Cheryl in her Pam Hogg jumpsuit."

Lisa continued: "I love Cheryl Cole. She is so cute and can do no wrong in my eyes."

We definitely agree.

Cheryl ColeCheryl Cole is one of our faves too. Copyright [WENN]Lisa looks so amazing, we were also desperate to hear how she stays in such good shape. She told us: "I eat everything I moderation, I try and be prepared — because if I'm not prepared I will snack. I am big fan of boiled eggs; the radio team calls me Eggy Eggy Snowdon! But eggs are a really healthy snack because they are low fat, high protein."

She continued: "I try not to eat too much bread or dairy and I love a treat, but all in moderation. I'd say 80% of the time I am good with a few sin days at the weekend! For exercise I do go to the gym and work out."

Lisa SnowdonLisa Snowdon is also taking part in the P&G Clean Up campaign. Copyright [PR image]In between her gym work outs and mingling with celebs, Lisa's even found time to get involved with the P&G Capital clean up campaign.

She told us: "As a fellow Londoner working and living here, London means a lot to me especially ahead of the Olympic Games where I want all of us to be as proud of our city as we possibly can. I think the P&G Capital Clean Up is an amazing programme and has really proved that communities do get together and work together to make the city look as good as it possibly can.

"With the help of 1700 volunteers who gave up 4 hours of their time we have cleaned in the region of 10 square miles across 20 London boroughs, and removed 1000 bags of rubbish!"

Lisa Snowdon is supporting the P&G Capital Clean Up Helping London Look its Best Exhibition to celebrate the last three months of the P&G Capital Clean Up. The exhibition is open at Brick Lane Galleries from 29th June to 1st July. For more information go to www.pgcaptitalcleanup.com