EXCLUSIVE: CBB’s Frankie Cocozza has ‘always been tactile and gentle’ says Marcus Collins

Frankie Cocozza was painted as a party boy with a weakness for women but his stint on Celebrity Big Brother has seen a surprising about turn for the star.


On last night's episode Frankie stuck up for Denise Welch, spouting some very wise words which sparked #GoFrankie to start trending on Twitter.

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While the boy's behaviour may have baffled the British public, one man in particular wasn't surprised to see a different side to the star.

Fellow X Factor contestant, Marcus Collins told omg! exclusively just how lovely the lad is:

"Frankie has been made out as some kind of  embarrassment, he's such a nice kind giving person.

"He's always been tactile and gentle. People are starting to see the softer side to him which was always overlooked."

frankie cocozza big brotherCBB hero: Frankie stuck up for Denise last night

It didn't help Frankie's case that he boasted about bedding 70 girls and was snapped partying every night but Marcus leapt to his defence adding:

"He likes to go out and date girls —but who at 18/19 doesn't want to do that? That's just who he is.

"The other side is over-played a bit — it [the drugs scandal] was blown out of proportion. He's not like that at all."

So did Marcus swell with pride that his mate came across so maturely last night?

"I absolutely adore watching him, it's like we're back in the X Factor house.

"It's as if I'm sitting with him while he's smoking his head off - he makes me laugh at the things he comes out with!"

marcus collins and frankie cocozzaBest buds: Marcus Collins only had good things to say about his pal Frankie /wENN

And the bromance isn't just for omg! reporters' ears, the boys genuinely are friends and there's already a reunion planned for when Frankie leaves the house.

"Our group of friends was The Risk, Frankie, Jonjo Kerr and me —they were all the lads and then me.

"Jonjo is off to Afghanistan so we're going to meet up and got for a nice civilized meal and Frankie would be missed if he wasn't there."

At the moment Marcus is preparing himself for his debut single, Seven Nation Army released on March 4th and then his self-titled album which has had a helping hand from Gary Barlow....

"I've been writing putting the hours in and working with some amazing producers and songwriters including Gary. He's been very passionate about helping me out.

"I've got so much to say that the songs keep coming out we're doing a song a day and before we knew it, two weeks later, we had enough for an album."

While Marcus focuses on his music, Frankie will be fostering an image change from inside the walls of the Big Brother House….

marcus collinsFast mover: Marcus will have his debut album and single out in March /WENN

"Frankie is becoming a more polished man and a gent - he's learning from his mistakes!

"Big Brother is going to open people's eyes to him, he is being molded into someone his family can be proud of."

You know what Marcus, it already has.

Marcus will be performing on the X Factor tour throughout February, March and April.