EXCLUSIVE: Bo Bruce talks about her relationship with Danny O’Donoghue

He was rumoured to have been more than just a mentor to the singer during her time on 'The Voice' but now Bo Bruce has set the record straight about her relationship with Danny O'Donoghue.

Bo and Danny on 'The Voice'. [Copyright Wenn]

Talking exclusively to omg! at 'The Sweeney' premiere tonight, Bo told us that although she does think Danny is attractive, their relationship is strictly professional.

She told us: "Yeah he is good looking but I never saw him like that — it just got so hyped up."

"It got silly, it wasn't great for either of us — we just want to do what we want to do and just work together and get on with it and it was a distraction."

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The pressure of being pursued by the press when in Danny's company at one time even led to the singer becoming injured.

She explained: "It was a big distraction — we couldn't hang out without being chased by paparazzi — I got my leg shut in a door once — it just got silly."

"My leg and the situation are much better now though — we were in the studio on Friday actually."

Bo is glad that the speculation has now calmed down. [Copyright Wenn]

Bo believes that the reason the public took so much of an interest in their relationship was because ultimately, everybody loves a scandal.

She told us: "I felt like everyone wanted it to be something — a great big love affair. People love scandal."

"I used to read those magazines and believe it all but now I've been on the other side I realise that's how it works."

Now that the hype surrounding the pair's alleged romance has died down, Bo has been able pull her focus back onto her work.

"I'm writing with Danny and Snow Patrol and Athlete and it's all going really well minus the scandal!"