EXCLUSIVE:Big Brother’s Lauren Carre slams ‘bitchy’ Caroline, Ashleigh and Becky

When Lauren Carre was evicted from the Big Brother 2012 house last night, we have to admit, our hearts sank a little.

Lauren Carre, Big Brother, Channel 5, EvictionLauren Carre was evicted from the Big Brother house last night. Copyright [Channel 5]

This year's Big Brother has been by far the bitchiest house we've seen in recent years, with Lauren being one of the very few genuine housemates left.

Losing out to close friend Luke A, Lauren left the house with her head held high and received the best crowd reaction of the series- a unanimous cheer.

Luke A, Lauren Carre, Big Brother, EvictionLauren lost out to Luke A in the public vote this week. Copyright [Channel 5]

Talking exclusively to omg! the lovely Lauren admitted that her exit was somewhat bittersweet.

She told us: "I'm gutted that I'm out, it was great to be in there because I made so many close friends but I'm also relieved to be out because I don't have to put up with anymore bitching and backstabbing!"

Ah yes, the bitching.

A day hasn't gone by this year in the Big Brother house without one housemate slagging off another! For Lauren, however, there were three main culprits in the house who took bitchy behaviour to a new level.

She admitted: "After what I've seen since coming out I don't think Caroline, Ashleigh or Becky are very nice people. You'd wake up and they'd already be whispering about you and bitching. You'd sit out in the garden and they'd be talking about you and whispering about you. It was horrible."

Caroline, Big Brother, Eviction, Channel 5Lauren thinks that Caroline is one of the bitchiest housemates this year. Copyright [Rex]

Blasting the three, Lauren let rip on exactly what she thought of them.

Lauren explained: "I thought Becky was an absolutely lovely girl until last week and I couldn't believe how bitchy she was. Caroline, I started to sympathise with near the end because I thought she genuinely felt bad about her behaviour but after watching what she'd said behind my back I was right from the start. As for Ashleigh, I knew she didn't like me but I didn't realise it went as far as talking behind my back all the time!"

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It seems like she's best out and away from the poisonous atmosphere!

Lauren's departure has meant that close friends Luke A, Adam and Deana have been left in a vulnerable position after being isolated by the majority of the remaining housemates.

Lauren, however, is still backing the underdogs to win the series.

She told us: "Either Deana, Adam or Luke —I'd be happy for any of them to win it."