Exclusive: BGT’s The Loveable Rogues fancy Little Mix’s Jade!

The Loveable Rogues have exclusively told us how much they love Little Mix and revealed just which Little Mix chick they fancy the most.

Eddy, Te and Sonny were WELL fun! Copyright: [rex]

We met up with Eddy, Te and Sonny yesterday and were initially very impressed with just how showbiz they have become since BGT wrapped.

Or not.

They greeted us with flutes of er, strawberry milk and wouldn't shut up about the fish and chips they had planned for after the interview.

They are most definitely staying down to earth.

During the chat the boys got very excited when we brought up a certain X Factor girl band. Namely, Little Mix.

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Eddy says: "Little Mix are our big supporters. We like them and they like us"

When we asked if they count them as mates, Eddy got really embarrassed and was quick to beg us not to call them that.

Te explained: "I want to say we're mates so they see this and be mates with us".

Do we sniff a celebrity crush? We think so!

So who is their favorite Little Mix lady? Well, unlike most boys we interview: it isn't Perrie Edwards!

Te says: "Perrie isn't my favourite and anyway, she's going out with Zayn. I actually really like Jesy — I love a quirky girl and she definitely dresses the best'

However when it comes to who he fancies, he has eyes for only one Little Mix girly.


They fancy you, Jade! Copyright: [rex]

Te says: "I love that 50 Shades of Grey thing about Jade, the way she hides behind her hair. She's fit and well cute."

To which Sonny jumped in and agreed: "Yeah, she is fit!"

So looks like Jade pretty much has her pick of the boys! Some girls have all the luck.