EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Costa: The X Factor isn’t about music

Anthony Costa reckons that X Factor is less about the music and more about the contestants.

Anthony spoke to omg! about X Factor. Copyright: [wenn]

In an exclusive chat with omg! Anthony told us how he misses the days of music shows like Top of the Pops and CD:UK.

The singer reckons that his band Blue did it the 'right' way and thinks it's a different story for bands like One Direction who come straight out shows like The X Factor.

Anthony says: "It's a different story for One Direction, Blue came through the right route. We had to work hard to build up our fan base in pubs and university gigs."

"It's a shame now that doesn't happen. It was more about the music for us. I like to say we did it the right way."

Anthony is a quarter of Blue. Copyright: [rex]

He went on to tell us how he thinks X Factor is more to do with promotion than music.

The I'm a Celeb star says: "X Factor is about the contestants not the music. It's like, someone only performs if they have something to promote".

Despite this, the singer admits he probably would have auditioned for the show if Blue hadn't come along.

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Anthony says: "if it wasn't for Blue, I would have probably would have gone on the X Factor but there are no music shows anymore."

"Where is Top of the Pops? Where is Pepsi Chart? Where is CD:UK? Saturday is all about cooking shows now."

Cooking shows and The X Factor, of course.

But don't mention that to Anthony!

Anthony Costa is currently working on Natasha Anastasiades' tribute album.

Natasha was a classmate of Anthony's who was killed in a tragic car accident. The album is raising money for Great Ormond Street hospital and the Natasha Foundation which aims to raise awareness of the dangers of reckless driving.

For more information visit: http://www.natashafoundation.com/