EXCLUSIVE: Amy Childs: I’m not worried that my boyf was on Take Me Out

Amy Childs insists that she isn't wasting time worrying about her boyfriend's past as a Take me Out contestant.

David was a contestant on Take me Out. Copyright: [rex]

Speaking to omg! at her perfume launch this afternoon Amy told us all about her new romance.

After seeing endless pics of the TOWIE star and her new beau on their recent sun soaked holiday, we just had to ask how things were going.

Amy told us things are just fab with her new man, saying: "I had a lovely holiday and it's all going really good."

We saw him in real life sipping on a blueberry cocktail and can confirm, he is super hot and seems really sweet.

We spoke to Amy at her perfume launch. Copyright: [rex]

However, after seeing his appearance on Take me Out we had to check the male model was treating our Ams right!

In case you don't remember, David bagged a date with Lucy before reportedly asking a load more of the girls out on dates, the cheeky scamp!

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With this in mind, we asked the reality star whether she was worried getting together with a man with such a lothario past.

Amy glanced over to him before answering that it doesn't bother her a bit.

She says: "I wasn't worried at all, it's all in the past and he's a really good person. That's all I'm going to say."

For one super awks moment we thought we might have upset Ms Childs.

However, chatting to us after she said she was just surprised and a bit embarrassed because he was right there in the room!