EXCLUSIVE: Aiden Grimshaw: ‘I don’t feel like an X Factor contestant any more’

Aiden Grimshaw has been out of the public eye for quite some time now, and boy have we missed him.

Aiden Grimshaw, X FactorAiden Grimshaw has spoken out about his association with X Factor. Copyright [PR Image]Following his appearance on The X Factor two years ago, Aiden Grimshaw has been working away on his debut album - and he's keen to prove that he doesn't need The X Factor tag any more.

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When we spoke to Aiden Grimshaw exclusively, he said that despite Matt Cardle being dropped by his record label just weeks ago, he's not feeling too much pressure.

Aiden told us: "I hadn't thought about that pressure until you asked! Obviously I don't want to get dropped, but I don't really feel like an X Factor contestant any more. I just feel like a normal 20 year old dude who has written an album."

Aiden went on to explain that he deliberately took a step back from all the craziness which followed his appearance on The X Factor.

He said: "For the last couple of years I've just been finding my feet. I got the chance to move to London and get into the studio, write songs and find a sound."

Aiden Grimshaw, X FactorAiden Grimshaw has said he no longer feels like an X Factor contestant. Copyright [PR Image]Aiden continued: "I also just did the standard 19-20 year old thing. I think it was good for me to take a step back from that craziness after a show like X Factor, make some more experiences, and learn some more things."

And Aiden used all his experiences to write an emotional album.We heard it's all about heartbreak, but that's not strictly true.

Aiden Grimshaw, X FactorAiden Grimshaw did reveal that he's still in touch with Dannii Minogue. Copyright [PR Image]Aiden told us: "It's not really about a break-up, it's more about what goes on in your head. It is a pretty emotional album, there's a pretty clear narrative that runs through it and it's varied. I didn't want to use the word journey but that's kind of what it is."

However, Aiden Grimshaw revealed that he is still in touch with his X Factor mentor, Dannii Minogue.

He said: "She messages me every now and again. She let me know she'd heard the track and that she liked it, which was lovely. She was really good as a mentor. She made me feel really comfortable."

Aiden Grimshaw's single, Is This Love, is out now

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