EXCLUSIVE: ‘Adele has never been in One Direction’s position, she doesn’t have to be a pop star’ says Labrinth

Adele has plenty of silverware sitting pretty in her trophy cabinet — she's won almost every award going and yet she usually escapes the prying eyes of the paps, letting fellow Brits One Direction lap up the love in front of the lens.

One direction and AdeleLabrinth says Adele doens't need to be like One Direction. Copyright [WENN]

This very sharp difference between two polar acts is what Labrinth admires so much about Adele, as he told omg!: "People don't see Adele as a glamourous artist, she's never been in One Direction's position — she still has an amazing career rather than having a pop star profile."

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And the admiration for the Someone Like You singer didn't stop there as Lab carried on: "I like Adele's status, she doesn't have to be a pop star, she's not always in the papers."

labrinthLabrinth is currently working with Coco Cola on the Olympic Torch relay. Copyright [Coco Cola]

Being in a boy band such as One Direction or JLS (who the producer name checks in his upcoming track, Express Yourself) is something he'd hate and feels would ruin his credibility.

"You can't really call them [people in the papers] musicians," Labrinth told us. "They're loved for their profile and not their music and that's a bit of a terrible thing to be loved for."

jlsLabrinth would not want to be like JLS. Copyright [WENN]

Competing for chart space and column inches with the likes of One Direction doesn't seem to faze Lab who adds:

"The more people see of you [in the media], the more amazing people think they are - and acts don't even need to sell records.

"Buy I'd prefer to have my music more famous than I are. I'm not a commercial artist. I wouldn't call myself that."

Labrinth performed a set of free gigs recently with Coca Cola. Copyright [Coca Cola]

After saying that the Earthquake singer backtracked somewhat and said, between laughs: "Of course I am a commercial artist that's the dumbest thing to say!

"I'm not a typical artist. JLS are a boy band and have millions of screaming girls and crazy Facebook profiles. I'm still going to be famous and kill it and sell loads of records like I've done already."

Yes you are Labrinth!

Labrinth performed at six of 66 London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay celebrations, thanks to Presenting Partner Coca-Cola