Err, Abbey Clancy you appear to have forgotten your trousers. Amazing legs though.

It's happened to all of us. You know, going along to a charity auction, walking down a catwalk, posing for photos, all before realising you've forgotten to put your trousers on.

Abbey ClancyAbbey Clancy turned up to the event with just her pants on. Copyright [PA]Whaddya mean it hasn't happened to you? Come to think of it, us neither. Just Abbey Clancy then.

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But at least Abbey Clancy has the the most amazing legs in the world, so she can actually pull off just wearing a pair of pants to an event.

And she literally was just in her undercrackers.

Abbey ClancyAbbey Clancy luckily has the world's best legs so it was fine. Copyright [PA]She teamed he black frilly pants with a black jumper and heels and looked so amazing that we've spent far too long this morning just gazing at the photos of her.


Abbey did then have a quick change before heading out to dinner. She slipped on a pair of  bang-on-trend leather trousers.

However, she kept a fair bit of flesh on show by teaming them with a sheer black top.

Abbey ClancyAbbey Clancy changed into leather trousers after the event. Copyright [WENN]Abbey Clancy was joined at the Children in Need event by her hubby Peter Crouch.

She recently revealed that being married to a footballer isn't really all it's cracked up to be.

She said: "Being married to a footballer is some girls' dream but it isn't always like that. I work.

"I will be up at 8am making spaghetti bolognese for Peter and Sophia's evening meal if I'm working that day. I may not get back for the evening and I worry if I don't do that then they won't eat anything."