Engaged Katie Price to marry this week?! *head spins*

We know that Katie Price loves a good wedding, but even we were shocked to hear that the star is planning to marry her current fiance, Keiran Hayler, THIS WEEK.

Katie Price and Keiran HaylerKatie Price and Keiran Hayler are rumoured to be getting married this week. Copyright [Katie Price]Apparently Katie Price and her fiance Keiran Hayler have jetted off to the Caribbean to get married in the next few days.

Our heads are spinning.

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A source close to the couple said: "Katie shocked everyone when she announced their plans to tie the knot so quickly. The fact that they were engaged seemed to come out of the blue. Now, before that had time to sink in, she’s whisking him away to get married."

The source continued: "She joked that this marriage will be third time lucky. Some of her mates aren’t so sure."

Katie Price and Keiran Hayler got engaged on Christmas Day after dating for three weeks - and just two months after Katie split from her previous fiance, Leandro Penna.

Katie Price and Keiran HaylerKatie Price and Keiran Hayler have tweeted lots of loved up photos. Copyright [Keiran Hayler]Keeping up?

Katie said of the engagement (the one to Keiran): "Kieran and I talked about marriage a few times and he proposed to me at Christmas over dinner.It just feels right. I know what people will say because I've heard it all before. But life is short so when something feels right, I just go for it."

This is now Katie Price's fourth engagement. She was married to Peter Andre, then Alex Reid, and was also engaged for a few months to Leandro Penna.