Is Ellie Goulding snogging Jeremy Irvine? Hang on, we thought she was going out with Skrillex!

Ellie Goulding has been spotted out and about with a certain Mr Jeremy Irvine!

Ellie and Jeremy are almost definitely snogging. Copyright: [wenn]

Hang on a min, we thought she was snogging Skrillex?

Alas, no Ellie broke up with the American dub step star back in September and is now believed to be dating actor type Jeremy.

The pair were spotted going on a super wintery ice skating date and onlookers reckon they were pretty 'inseparable'.

Something which must surely make ice skating rather difficult?!

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Still, an onlooker told the Daily Mail: "They were with a big bunch of friends but Jeremy and Ellie were inseparable,"

"They skated around the rink in unison and barely left each other's side as they laughed and joked with one another."

"Jeremy was very tactile with Ellie and had his arm around her shoulders."

Yep, almost definitely snogging then.

We had to interview this man, it was very difficult not to drool on him. Copyright: [omg!]

For those still confused, Jeremy is the hot one off War Horse and Now is Good and is tipped to be as huge as Christian Bale.

We met him and he is hot, Ellie has done well.

We wonder if Ellie will start copying Jezz'a hair 'do? As she does like to impersonate her boyfriend's....

Photographic evidence Ellie likes to copy her boyfriend's 'do. Copyright: [wenn/rex]