Ella Henderson talks Union J’s George Shelley, still says they’re not dating. Whatevs.

Ella Henderson and George Shelley always look like they're about to explode with happiness every time they're together.

Ella Henderson has spoken about how she and George Shelley aren't a couple. Copyright [Rex]So we'd pretty much concluded that the X Factor paid, Ella Henderson and George Shelley are dating - even if they didn't admit it.

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However, in a new interview Ella has denied that she and George Shelley from Union J are an item. But we're still not completely convinced.

Ella Henderson told Look magazine: "Let me explain it like this. George is my best friend. Jaymi is like my big brother, JJ is hilarious."

However, when asked what will happen between the pair once The X Factor is over, Ella said: "At the moment it's hard to say. He's still in the competition. As soon as we're both out of it, it's going to go boom."

Ella HendersonElla Henderson says that she is just friends with George for now. Copyright [LOOK/PETROS]She went on to say: "At the moment [we are just] very close and good friends, but after the competition, I'd love to see him. I do want to spend time with him. Only time will tell. I'm so strongly focused on what I want to come out of the competition, but you can't stop how you feel about someone"

Blimmin' heck, sounds like someone is totally smitten. We're taking all this that to mean that the second the show is over we'll have a new cute celeb couple on our hands.

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