Ella Henderson: Rylan Clark deserves to win Celebrity Big Brother- Exclusive

Former X Factor contestant Ella Henderson has claimed that Rylan Clark deserves to win this year’s Celebrity Big Brother.

Ella has backed Rylan to win tonights CBB final. Copyright [Rex]

Talking exclusively to omg! the 17-year-old singer revealed that she would like to see her fellow X Factor finalist take the crown, deeming him ‘a kind soul’.

She told us: “I hope he wins. I’m definitely rooting for him. I think he deserves to win because when he started the X Factor the public didn’t understand him and didn’t see his wavelength.

“I think us as contestants were like, ‘no see what he is like behind the scenes, he’s such a great guy and such a kind soul,’ and he’s getting to show that now and the public are behind him.”

Ella is currently rehearsing for the upcoming X Factor tour which kicks off this Saturday.

It was revealed earlier this week that Rylan has been leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house to practice for the tour.

Ella Henderson admitted that she hasn’t seen Rylan at rehearsals but thinks that it is a good thing that he is practicing given how imminent the first show is.

She said: “I haven’t seen him, I have no idea how they are rehearsing with him. I have heard stuff that he has managed to fit in his rehearsals somehow within the show.

“That’s good to know because at the moment it’s running but without Rylan it’s a bit weird because you hear all his amazing dancey numbers come on and he’s not there.

“We’re so excited to have him back with us though and to be part of the crew again.”

Ella landed herself a recording contract with Sony last year. Copyright [Rex]

Shortly after last year’s X Factor wrapped, Ella Henderson announced that she had landed herself a recording contract with Sony despite finishing sixth in the competition.

On finding out that her dream of releasing music was soon to be a reality, Ella admitted that it took a while for the news to sink in.

She said: “I was just very overwhelmed by it all. When you come out of the show you have that gutting feeling and you don’t really know what’s going to happen from there.

“My plan from coming away from the show was to get stuck back into my song writing and drive, drive, drive and keep going- put the groundwork in.

“It does pay off in the long run and being signed is everything that I’ve ever wanted.

“My favourite part of it so far has been finding my up tempo side. It is not actually that new. On the show people thought, ‘oh she just sings ballads and it’s what she loves to do most’. But actually one of my favourite performances was ‘You’ve got the Love’.”

Ella with the Peugeot Design Lab Pleyel piano.

Ella Henderson is currently promoting the Peugeot Design Lab Pleyel Piano and was lucky enough to be the first person to play it.

Talking about the piano, Ella admits that she was taken aback by its unusual design.

She explained: “When they sent through the photograph of this one existing piano I was like: ‘that’s not a piano, it’s a UFO!’

Having played the piano for many years, Ella was at first dubious as to what the Pleyel would sound like compared to a grand piano.

She admitted: “I would usually be the type of person who would say: ‘no stick to a grand piano and don’t go for anything modern because a grand piano’s are always the best to get that ambient sound.’

“But this you can’t really stake that comment to it because it’s such an open structured piano that the sound hits the pianist first before it hits the rest of the room so you can hear yourself and keep in time to the music. Especially for someone like me who is singing against the piano it’s just a lot easier.”

Ella Henderson launched The Peugeot Design Lab Pleyel piano in London today. www.Peugeot.co.uk