Ella Henderson and George Shelley do their best ‘just friends’ faces *eyebrow raise*

Ella Henderson and George Shelley have been rumoured to be dating pretty much since The X Factor live shows began.

Ella Henderson and George ShelleyElla Henderson and George Shelley are totes just friends. Copyright [Rex]However, neither Ella Henderson or George Shelley have confirmed whether they're an item.

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But these new pictures of their glowing faces and beaming smiles are pretty telling.

We're no experts and we don't know much about body language, but the way they're gazing into each other's eyes and beaming in each other's faces seems to scream RELATIONSHIP.

Ella Henderson and George ShelleyElla and George looked full of smiles as they set off for Paris. Copyright [Rex]The X Factor pair were out and about, heading off to Disneyland Paris to film scenes for this week's X Factor.

Hang on a sec. Rewind. Disneyland PARIS? The city of luurve?!

George Shelley looked cute in his little Christmas jumper, and Ella looked as gorgeous as ever in a navy blue duffle coat with gold buttons.

This is the closest we've come to actually seeing the pair together as a couple.

Ella Henderson and George ShelleyElla and George are apparently open about their romance behind the scenes. Copyright [Rex]Over the weekend, an X Factor source suggested that they've given up trying to hide their relationship behind the scenes.

The source said: "Ella and George are the sweetest couple. It's so lovely to see them together now they're not denying it."

"They are thrilled they've both got far enough to get on the tour. It means they can spend more time together next year."

We genuinely believe they make the cutest couple. And we reckon they could rival Perrie and Zayn in the cutest-X-Factor-pairing-ever stakes.