Ed Sheeran turned away from his own Grammys after party. Say, WHAT?!

Ed Sheeran has confessed that he was initially turned away from his OWN Grammys after party.

They probably didn't recognise Ed out of his hoodie. Copyright: [getty]

After being nominated for a ton of awards and even performing at the awards with blimmin' Elton John, the bouncers at the party failed to click who Ed was.

And never one to be a diva, instead of screeching 'Don't you know who I am?' instead, Ed just stood around a bit outside until they realised their mistake.

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Ed says: "The weirdest thing for me was that I couldn't get into my own after party."

"The bouncers said no to me. Which I thought was fair enough, so I stood around for a bit and was eventually let in."

Say, WHAT?

Ed performing on the night with Elton John, no biggie. Copyright: [CBS]

However, once INSIDE it's safe to say that everyone knew who he was but more importantly who his Mum and Dad were!

Ed says: "Every single person from Katy Perry to John Mayer to Selena Gomez kept coming up to me saying how cool my mum and dad are and how they've been buying everyone tequila all night!"

"I don't know where my parents are getting this wild streak from. They did go to bed at 2am though."

G'on, the Sheerans! Just next time, be sure to invite us too, OK?

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