Ed Sheeran reveals his favourite One Direction singer is Harry Styles, don’t tell Taylor Swift

Ed Sheeran has revealed that he has a close bond with Harry Styles despite being best friends with the One Direction singers ex Taylor Swift.

Ed is good friends with both Taylor and Harry. Copyright [Splash/Wenn]

Talking to People magazine, Ed, 21, admitted that although he is friendly with the all the boys in One Direction, Harry, 18, is his favourite member.

He said: "Harry is the one I'm closest to. I made friends with him before I knew who the band was."

We wonder what Taylor Swift has to say about that.

Ed wrote the One Direction hit ‘Little Things’ and has also collaborated with Taylor Swift, 23, on her latest album ‘Red’.

The ‘A-Team’ was quick to rule out any romantic involvement with the ‘Love Story’ singer however, claiming that they are just good friends.

He explained: "We met by just being fans of each other and reaching out. Then we just started hanging out.

Ed and Taylor are good friends. Nothing more, nothing less. Copyright [Instagram]

“We have the same kind of work ethic. But I don't know if I'm her type."

Well that’s a relief, the three of them could have had an awkward love triangle on their hands there.

Ed went on to reveal that actress Emma Stone would be the perfect woman for him.

Alas, with Emma in a serious relationship with Andrew Garfield, Ed admitted that he is still on the hunt for a girlfriend.

He quipped: "Emma Stone is my dream girl but she's all taken so I need to find someone else."


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