Ed Sheeran has a pop at the X Factor *meow*

Despite The X Factor's Frankie Cocozza covering his track "A Team," Ed Sheeran isn't the biggest fan of the show.

We met the singer at the Radio One Teen Awards yesterday and he told us he's never seen an episode of The X Factor because he doesn't have a TV (aww bless).

Ed Sheeran says he's never watched the X Factor/PA

What's more, he says it's not a route he'd have ever taken.

He told omg!: "If I couldn't play music or write songs I might have gone down that route."

Ooh, meow.

Does he think the stars of X Factor are looking for a quick fame fix then?

"No not necessarily, I think the people on the show do have to work hard but the strain that's put on the acts, and the way the media rip into them — I don't think I could take that."

Ed went on to say that he feels the singers on the show are under too much pressure, adding: "I prefer the route I took. I built up my confidence over the years rather than being shoved on stage in front of thousands of people straight away."