Ed Sheeran pals up with Jedward, most random celeb BFFs ever? JED SHEERAN IS BORN!

We love a good random celebrity friendship and this one might just be our new fave after Ed Sheeran has palled up with Jedward!

We present to you JED SHEERAN! Copyright: [Twitter]

Yes, we have ourselves a case of when Ed met Jed and we hereby pronounce these celeb BFFs as JED SHEERAN!

And since meeting up at a Grammys after party, the pair have been chatting on Twitter (the source of all the best celeb banter).

However, it would seem that perhaps this is one celebrity friendship, a case of unrequited love, if you will.

Y'see while Jedward have been chatting up *ahem* TO Ed, it would seem Ed was not as keen in replying to the boys.

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Well, to be fair he has been rather busy performing at the Grammys with Elton John and little things like that.

Jedward wrote earlier today: "We are proud of you Ed, you got to perform at the Grammys how cool is that!?"

Very cool, that's how.

However, Ed did eventually reply saying: "this was so surreal"

And having met Jedward on a number of occasions ourselves, we at omg! are inclined to concur.

John or Edward with KATY blimmin' PERRY! Copyright: [Twitter]

And it's not just Ed who Jedward have been getting matey with, they also met Katy flippin' Perry last night!

Quick to tweet the news, the boys wrote: "Just Had The Best Night Ever!"

We can only imagine Katy felt the same.