Ed Sheeran misses out on Grammy to Fun, Twitter near enough explodes

Ed Sheeran fans united last night after the star failed to take home the Grammy for Best Song after A Team was snubbed for Fun's We Are Young.

Sheeran was robbed says Twitter. Copyright: [wenn]

Twitter nearly went into meltdown with #EdIsOurWinner trending almost immediately.

One user even changed the lyrics of A Team to vent their feelings, writing: "White lips pale face, all you people have NO taste".

Ed was pipped to the post by Fun, those chaps who sing that We Are Young song that we will admit to having quite a few hairbrush/mirror moments to.

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Also in the category was Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe,' Kelly Clarkson's 'Stronger' and Miguel's 'Adorn.'

However, American channel E! was quick to defend the decision on their live online commentary with hosts claiming they didn't even know who Ed was!

They also said they only knew his song after hearing it 'at Starbucks'.

Blasphemy if we ever did hear it.

Ed performing with Elton last night. Copyright: [wenn/CBS]

However, Ed did perform with none other than Sir Elton blimmin' John however, E! even made fun of the duet saying Elton performs with 'whoever is cool'.

Actually, Ed was signed by Elton's Rocket label and is was in fact Elton who pretty much MADE Ed cool in the first place.

Ed tweeted following the (amazing) performance, saying: "So much fun playing my song with Sir Elton too, will not forget that!!"