Ed Sheeran loves Monopoly, perhaps he could teach Taylor Swift on tour?

Ed Sheeran has reportedly confessed that he loves nothing more than a good old game of monopoly.

Ed Sheeran pretty much confirmed Haylor is ON! Copyright: [rex]

While other stars might prefer partying after gigs, Ed apparently likes to chill out with a bit of property investment and pretend money.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "After a show Ed just likes to hang out, relaxing with a game of Monopoly."

"He's not into boozing. He drinks fruit and barley."


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But to be fair, who doesn't love a bit of fruit squash after a long hard day at the office?

However, we reckon that Ed should swap his monopoly board sharpish and brush up on his Scrabble skills.

Y'see he is just gearing up to tour with Taylor Swift, who famously loves nothing more than a bit of word play.

Dresses glam but loves Scrabble. Copyright: [wenn]

Something she used to love getting up to with her old flame and Ed's mate Harry Styles.

Taylor loves the game so much that she even received a brand new board for Christmas.

The star shared the news on Twitter, saying: "“I shouldn’t read into the fact that my family got me a new scrabble board (the one that swivels!) &cat treats for Christmas, right? Am I 85?”

So perhaps she could teach Ed a bit of backstage Scrabble and he could introduce her to a bit of monopoly?

Best of both worlds!

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