Ed Sheeran jokes he’s still a virgin after harsh birthday sex tweet (then Taylor Swift messages him)

When celebrating your birthday the last thing you want is to find yourself at the end of a harsh tweet.

Ed recieved a rather harsh message on his birthday. Copyright [Twitter/Ed Sheeran]

This, unfortunately, is exactly the situation that Ed Sheeran found himself in on Sunday.

The ‘A-Team’ singer turned the grand old age of 22 at the weekend, receiving a plethora of birthday messages from his friends and fans alike.

One person however, decided to write a not so kind message to Ed.

DJ for iradio and comedian Dave O’Connor for no apparent reason thought it funny to write a tweet regarding the state of Ed's sex life.

Or lack thereof if he wasn’t a successful artist.

He wrote: “It’s Ed Sheeran’s birthday and lets face it, if he wasn’t a famous singer we all know what he would be don’t we……… A virgin! (sic)”

Not exactly the kindest tweet to receive on your birthday, nor in fact relevant.

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Instead of ignoring the harsh tweet however, Ed decided to reply- poking fun at himself instead of retaliating with an angry response.

He replied to Dave: “@idaveoconnor plot twist. Maybe I still am”

Good for you Ed!

The singer was then tweeted by his good friend and, let’s face it, very attractive lady Taylor Swift where she sent her birthday wishes.

She tweeted: “So. One of my favorite human beings on the planet turns 22 today. I hope @edsheeran has the most perfect show in LA tonight! HAPPY BDAYYYY (sic)”

Ed posing with film star and fan Chloe. Copyright [Instagram/Chloe Grace Moretz]

Yesterday, Ed bumped into another famous girl- actress Chloe Grace Moretz- after she turned up to watch him perform in LA.

She captioned a photograph of the two them: “Rad show @teddysphotos :) nice to be mutual fans now! Xox (sic)”

It seems that Ed Sheeran very much had the last laugh.


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