Easter egg time, play our #buff bunnies chocolate game

Easter is here and that means we get to scoff insane amounts of chocolate and not feel guilty one bit.

And because we always like an excuse to swoon over hot men, we've decided to incorporate fitties with Easter in our novelty Twitter game.

Because we love the idea of giving all of our celeb male crushes bunny ears, we've launched Buff Bunnies.

Every day across the bank holiday weekend we'll be posting a picture of a hot guy's body part.

It's up to you to take a good long hard look at it *titter* and guess who it is.

We'll then reveal the celebrity, who'll have full-on bunny ears - just like The Wanted boys above.

The first person to tweet the correct answer wins a new Cornetto Enigma Cookie ice cream so you can get your chocolately Easter fix.

#buffbunnies #wallsicecream