Dougie Poynter gets a haircut, we fancy him even more

There's no denying Dougie Poynter is hot, but after seeing his new hair cut, we fancy him even more than before.

The I'm a Celebrity winner went for a trip to the theatre with his McFly bandmates last night and showed off his new look.

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After a couple of years of having his hair long and accessorised by an array of headbands, Dougie has gone back to his old sweeping-fringe-with-short-sides look.

Dougie Poynter showed off his shorter hair last night / WENNAnd we think it suits him perfectly. In fact, we're struggling to take our eyes off the photos long enough to even type this.

Harry Judd recently revealed that Dougie spent ages doing his hair, calling him a diva. "Dougie's got the longest hair, so his takes the longest to put into shape. But often he doesn't bother and just wears a headband," Harry revealed."I would say Danny or Dougie are the biggest divas!"

WENNWell at least now he's gone for the chop he'll spend less time getting ready when the boys take to the stage for their tour later this month.

Dougie's longer locks / WENNAnd having seen these latest pics of the boys looking fitter than ever, we're hoping for front-row tickets.