Divergent’s Theo James: ‘The Next R-Patz? More Like The Next Clooney!’ - EXCLUSIVE

The British actor talks Robert Pattinson comparisons while co-star Shailene Woodley admits Jennifer Lawrence gave her advice about the role

He’s set to become the object of many a teenage girl’s desires as he stars in Divergent – tipped as the next big franchise following The Twilight Saga and The Hunger Games.

But British actor Theo James, 29, doesn’t reckon he’s the next Robert Pattinson or Josh Hutcherson and insists he’s more like George Clooney.

Theo James *swoon* reckons he's the new Clooney [Rex] Speaking to Yahoo Celebrity at the launch of the film – in which he stars alongside Clooney’s former co-star Shailene Woodley – he told us he isn’t aware of the hype surrounding him.

“I hadn’t really heard that [comparison] before,” he tells us in the video above.

Theo James seems to smile A LOT more than R-Patz [Rex] “I’d heard Brad Pitt, Clooney! No, I’m kidding,” before Shailene quipped in, “Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp…”

“I think inevitably there is because he’s a Brit and we’ve both got brown hair,” he admits.

His 22-year-old co-star Shailene Woodley stars as the female protagonist Beatrice Prior in the film adaptation of the Veronica Roth book.

She’s constantly being compared to Jennifer Lawrence because they’re both opinionated young twenty-somethings who play powerful women in young adult dystopian films.

Both girls stole the show at the premieres for Divergent and The Hunger Games respectively [Rex] The US actress tells us she still hasn’t met J-Law but that she gave her advice about taking up the lead role in Divergent - which also stars Kate Winslet.

“She’s given me advice. I still have yet to meet her. I asked her if The Hunger Games has changed her life and if she’s glad she made that decision [to take on the role of Katniss] and she said if you love the character and the storyline then you should go for it,” she tells us.

Theo stars alongside Shailene Woodley in Divergent, released in cinemas today [Rex] But asked about the pressure of fame, both stars admitted it’s something that goes over their head and they’re just being themselves.

“We don’t read articles about ourselves or Google ourselves so we feel a little bit removed from that. I don’t feel any pressure to be anything but me,” she says.

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‘Divergent’ is in UK cinemas from Friday 4 April, 2014.

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