District3: Rylan Clark can definitely win Celebrity Big Brother, he’s shown he is a genuine guy- EXCLUSIVE

He’s currently the bookies favourite to win Celebrity Big Brother, but with fellow housemates Spencer and Heidi now branding him ‘fake,’ are we seeing the real Rylan Clark?

District 3 have backed Rylan to win Celeb BB. Copyright [Rex]

Well who better to ask than Rylan’s former fellow X Factor contestants District3.

Talking exclusively to omg! today, District 3 said that Rylan Clark has been himself from what they’ve seen of the program.

Greg West, 18, told us: “I’ve only caught a couple of episodes but I want to catch up.

“Knowing him on a personal level he is a great guy and is being himself. If there was anybody I’d want to be watching in the house it would be him.”

Micky Parsons, 18, agreed adding: “I watched the first episode- he’s funny, he’s brilliant- that is him on screen.

“I haven’t really seen what he’s been up to. I definitely think he can win it. That’s his thing the personality side.

“He’s so funny and such a nice guy- I hope that comes across.”

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When asked if they thought Rylan Clark was more suited to the X Factor or Celebrity Big Brother, the boys argued that he was better suited to the former.

Greg explained: “I’d say the X Factor because as great as he is on Big Bro, he’s talented.

“As far as Big Brother goes it doesn’t give you as much of a chance to display that like on The X Factor.

“In any way, shape or form he’s going to do well because people love him.”

District3 have been working hard since leaving the X Factor. Copyright [Wenn]

Since leaving the X Factor last year, District3 have been on the promotions tour, performing gigs across the country.

Greg said: “It’s been really busy still. It doesn’t feel like we’ve left The X Factor. We’ve been doing loads of gigs and stuff- it’s been fun.”

Micky also revealed that their management have been in talks with a few record companies, including ones in the US.

He admitted:I think there are talks at the minute. Our management were talking to some people in America. It’s quite exciting.”

Quite exciting? More like VERY exciting.

Over in the Twittersphere, District3 have a very loyal fan following, with Dan Ferrari-Lane, 19, admitting that they have a tendency to send the band some odd presents.

He explained: “They sent in personalised condoms with our faces on, sort of like what JLS did actually!”

So would they ever think about releasing their own brand of condoms?

“I hadn’t considered it up until then but we’re up for anything! We don’t want to let the public down,” Dan confirmed.

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