District3 and Jamie Laing all got topless, Lydia Bright had a wardrobe malfunction and Honeyz won the sweat-off – you HAVE to watch #SpinTheBottle episode 2

If you weren’t watching #SpinTheBottle LIVE at 9pm on omg! last night, you missed controlling how much six celebs could make fools of themselves within a 30-minute window.

With guests District3 backing the Boys’ team alongside Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing, while Honeyz kept TOWIE’s Lydia Bright in check on the Girls’ side, there was enough of battle of the bands rivalry to make Popstars: The Rivals look pathetic.

In the second ever episode of our Twitter-led digital game show, our teams were subject to a number of awkwardly-named challenges, with YOU guys in charge of who did what to whom, using Twitter as your voting platform.

Jamie Laing was backed by District3 on the Boys team. Copyright [omg!]
Lydia Bright was joined by Honeyz on the Girls' team. Copyright [omg!]

District3’s Dan was happy to step up and take on challenge one, 'Shoot Your Load', taking on Honeyz’s Celena in the messy task.

Next up was 'Double Entry', with you guys deciding you wanted to see Lydia clambering around inside a tunnel in a stupidly-tight dress.

Unfortunately for her, D3’s Dan was way more limber than she first expected, leaving her stuck in the tunnel while suffering a wardrobe malfunction – all live in front of the world.

District3's Dan was getting flirty with Lydia Bright ahead of filming. Copyright [omg!]

Jamie was quick to make use of Lydia’s faux pas, declaring his love for her and demanding he give her a kiss. She responded by telling him to remain a metre away from her at all times.

We were then sidetracked by Dan and Jamie having a sixpack-off, with Mariama from Honeyz copping a quick feel of Dan’s rock-hard pecks before D3’s Greg did some random twerking.

Thankfully, Rory managed to drag Mariama away to play 'Get Your Junk Out of My Trunk', alongside Jamie – which saw them both twerking so hard they broke our props (bills are in the post, guys).

District3's Dan went head-to-head with Honeyz's Celene for Shoot Your Load. Copyright [omg!]

With just a few minutes left on the clock, Jamie finally convinced Greg to take part in the Toss Off challenge, taking on Celene after Mariama declared herself “too sweaty to take part”.

The episode concluded with Dan eating old pancakes off the floor and Greg declaring he’d want G-Cup boobs if he were a girl. Hot.

Missed it? Watch it all again above (and take screengrabs of Dan’s abs for your background, we’re all over your radar).
District3's Dan manged to get topless twice within the 30-minute #SpinTheBottle show.
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