District3 beat One Direction, The Wanted, JLS and Union J in Christmas kissing poll, pucker up boys

One Direction may be the biggest boyband in the world right now but when it comes to kissing, another set of lads has got it all wrapped up.

District3 won our boyband festive mistletoe poll. Copyright [Splash]

District3 have proved the most popular boyband in the snogging category, after we asked our readers which band they'd most like to lock lips with under the mistletoe.

It was a close run thing, but of the thousands that voted in the poll, the majority chose District3's Dan, Micky and Greg as most snoggable at a Christmas party.

District3 beat One Direction into second place. Copyright [Splash]

With 37 per cent of the votes going to the unlucky X Factor band, it was One Direction's Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne who came a close second with 35 per cent.

Close rivals of 1D, The Wanted were the third placed band, with fellow X Factor boyband Union J in fourth and JLS in last place.

The Wanted came in third place. Copyright [Wenn]

We recently met up with the District3 boys and left feeling like we wanted to take them home for Christmas.

The lads told us they didn't feel any competition when it comes to their X Factor predecessors One Direction.

They said: Dan told us: "We get on really well. We've kept in touch with Niall Horan. He's our favourite member. He's really supportive of us. He's texted us a few times."

And apparently, One Direction have been dishing out advice to District 3.

Greg said: "They've told us to just have fun with it. They've said that this is the best time."

However, District 3 aren't putting themselves under any pressure to attempt to dominate the globe 1D style.

Greg told us: "I don't think you can ever really expect their success. People like One Direction only come around once every 20 odd years. Their success has been amazing. If we even had the tiniest bit of that we'd be over the moon."

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