District 3′s Micky Parsons’ looks suspiciously like Jahmene Douglas at the Kardashian’s launch

Is it just us or does Micky District 3 look a lot like Jahmene Douglas tonight?

Mickey looked just like Jahmene tonight, it was uncanny! Copyright: [wenn]


Yep, the X Factor lot are out and about again, tonight hopping over to the Kardashian's clothing line launch at swanky London club Aqua.

However, one third of District 3 was notably missing from proceedings, namely lovely Micky!

Luckily Jahmene Douglas was on hand to fill in for Mickey, posing with Greg and Dan.

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Jahmene is too cute, but is he ever out his little grey suit?

Still, we just want to know where the heck Mickey was and why he wasn't there to meet the Kardashians in the flesh?

This almost definitely means the other District 3 boys will be meeting Kim Kardashian tonight, we hope Kanye West isn't too worried.

Other than the District 3 boys, gorge Ella Henderson was also out and was snapped posing with Kimmy K:

Kim and Ella posed for a snap which almost definitely means Kim is Team Ella! Copyright: [rex]

James Arthur was also in attendance looking as swoonsome as ever and Rylan also scrubbed up for the evening:

James looking hot, Rylan looking er, Rylan. Copyright: [Splash]