Dionne Bromfield takes The Wanted’s side after One Direction Twitter war, no surprises there then

Dionne Bromfield has sided with The Wanted after the band became embroiled in a Twitter spat with One Direction last week.

The singer has been romantically linked to band member Nathan Sykes in the past so it was really no surprise whose side she would take.

Talking exclusively to omg! Dionne believed that the Twitter argument wasn't called for, particularly when Zayn Malik branded Max George 'Chlamydia boy'.

She told us: "It was unnecessary- shall we put it that way. It was a bit unnecessary. They are both really cool but I think it was a bit unnecessary."

"I think Max handled it really well so I'm going to have to high five him virtually."

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When asked which of the bands she preferred, Dionne was torn between the two, claiming to be friends with both groups.

However, her affiliation with Nathan yet again came through with the singer choosing The Wanted over One Direction.

Nathan Sykes, Dionne BromfieldNathan Sykes and Dionne Bromfield have been romantically linked. Copyright [WENN]

She explained: "I'm friends with both The Wanted and One Direction but because I've know Nathan [Sykes] longer and we used to go to school together I'm going to have to go with The Wanted."

"They are really hard working, I know they haven't had a break in ages and they've made it all over the world. Their songs are epic. They deserve to win it."

When asked who her favourite girl band is at the moment, Dionne had no troubles this time around deciding.

She said: "Little Mix, I love Little Mix I think they are so cool. There is no one else like them at the moment.

"I think their style is really cool, their songs are amazing and it's Little Mix so you've got to love them."