Did Una Healy and Ben Foden ARGUE over The Saturdays’ LA trip?

Una Healy and Ben Foden only got married at the end of June, and within a couple of weeks Una was jetting off to America with her The Saturdays bandmates.

Una Healy with Ben FodenUna Healy talks about her relationship with Ben Foden in a new promo clip. Copyright [Una Healy]And in a new promotional clip for The Saturdays' reality show, Chasing The Saturdays, it seems that the move to America may have put a bit of a strain on Una Healy and Ben Foden's relationship.

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The clip was filmed at around the time that Ben Foden had to undergo surgery for a rugby injury.


Una's trip to LA coincided with Ben having surgery for a rugby injury. Copyrigth [Una Healy]Unfortunately, the surgery coincided with Una Healy leaving for the states with their daughter Aoife Belle and Una's The Sats bandmates.

The clip shows Una saying to Ben: "I feel really bad leaving you now."

Ben quickly replies: "Well don't go then."

Una Healy, Ben FodenUna and Ben are luckily supportive of each other. Copyright [Una Healy]Eek. We thought this would lead to a full-blown row, and Una went on to explain how demanding her job is - especially when it means both Una and Aoife Belle being away from Ben.

She said: "We've found being out here quite tough as we're quite homesick at times, missing our families, our husbands, boyfriends and friends. I've had to leave him [Ben] to pursue my career over here. I feel very sorry for him at times missing her [Aoife Belle]"

She continued: "It's tough, but it's the sacrifices you have to make and we try to make it work as best we can."