Did Robert Pattinson have a fling during brief split from Kristen Stewart?

Robert Pattinson reportedly had a brief fling during the period of time that he and Kristen Stewart broke up last year.

Rob reportedly had a fling during his split from Kristen Stewart. Copyright [Rex]

Following Kristen Stewart’s affair with married director Rupert Saunders, Robert broke things off with her, rebounding with another lady.

Perez Hilton reports that the lady in question was a part time waitress and model who caught Rob’s eye on a night out.

After getting better acquainted, the mysterious woman claims that Rob invited her to a party in the Hollywood Hills.

She explained: "I hooked-up with Rob twice last summer and I'd give him a 10 for sure. He’s a great kisser and really sweet, but he still totally knows how to take charge.

“We were drinking a lot both times but he had no problems in the bedroom, we stayed up almost all night the first time."

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Woah there, that’s teetering on the edge of too much information.

She continued: "He was smoking and since I don't smoke he was really self conscious about his breath and he kept running to the bathroom to use the mouthwash.

“I told him it was totally fine but it was still nice that he cared so much."

Well it’s nice to see that Rob is a gentleman.

Kristen and Rob are now back togther. Copyright [Wenn]

The mystery girl admitted that the two knew that they were simply having a fling but was open to meeting up with him again in the future.

We bet she would be.

She concluded: "We both knew it was never going to be anything serious but Rob never made me feel cheap. The whole thing was as good as you'd imagine. I'd love to see him again."

We wonder what Kristen Stewart makes of these revelations?


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