Diana Vickers, do you mind giving us that dress?

Diana Vickers has gone from flashing her knickers to flashing serious fashion know how.

We LOVE Diana's dress. Copyright: [rex]

Isn't it unfair that celebs can go clubbing on school nights?

While we stayed in last night in our PJs, celebs everywhere were darting about town in nice frocks, going to swish events.

Diana Vickers was out at Mahiki celebrating… well, we're not sure.

Maybe the fact it was Tuesday? Actually, she doesn't need an excuse to party — she's a celeb and that's what they do.

Diana rocked up looking amazing in this super stylish sleeved mini dress.

This reminded us of one of the reasons we loved her so much on X Factor — her cool vintage style.

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As well as her amazing singing, obvs.

This dress is just gorg — especially the long sleeves plus we love the detailing and who doesn't adore a few sequins?

We love her look and are also extremely glad she remembered her skirt this time. Hurrah for skirts!

Earlier on this week Diana was performing in Ireland when she got a little too into some of her dance moves and ended flashing her bum.

Diana flashed her bum earlier this week. Copyright: [BIG]

Luckily, last night no such wardrobe malfunctions were had.

Quite the opposite actually as we award Diana a big fat fashion gold star!

Now we just need to know where she got it?