Dermot O’ Leary and Caroline Flack: The X Factor still has strong ratings

X Factor host Dermot O'Leary and Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack have both defended the show's recent dip in ratings.

Caroline and Dermot don't see there being a problem with ratings. Copyright [Rex]

Talking to omg! today at the X Factor press conference in Manchester, the presenters both admitted they didn't think the ratings for the show were a problem.

Dermot told us: "The show rates well. We rated 11 million a couple of weeks ago- Ella's week. It always tends to grow.

"We've got on demand which makes up 20% of viewing so when you guys [the press] report on the Monday, our viewing figures don't come out until the Thursday so that's erroneous.

"We're doing well, I don't understand, it's just something that's reported."

Dermot also admitted that he didn't quite get the comments that if Christopher Maloney was to win the show, it would mean the end of the program.

Dermot doesn't think Christopher will cause the death of the show. Copyright [Rex]

He explained: "I don't really get that, I don't really understand that theory to be honest.

"So because someone who isn't run of the mill wins- the show is finished? It just doesn't make any sense."

Caroline Flack added that the X Factor still has the power to dominate the headlines and people's conversations.

She said: "People don't just talk about it when it is on, it's talked about when it's not on.

What other show is talked about when it's not on? It's a great talking point. When people turn it on they talk about and when they turn it off they're still talking about it."

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Yesterday, Caroline led a Christmas sing-along on Oxford Street in aid of charity 'Text Santa'.

Talking at the event, the presenter admitted that she had no idea who would win the X Factor this year.

She explained: "I think who will win is completely down the public. There is such a wealth of great talent in the show this year so really anyone could win."

For more information about Text Santa and inspiration on how to fundraise, download a free pack full of tips at


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