Strictly EXCLUSIVE: Denise Van Outen slams the X Factor, claims it’s lost its magic

Strictly Come Dancing contestant Denise Van Outen has slammed rival show The X Factor.

Denise thinks the X Factor has lost its magic. Copyright [Wenn/Rex]

Talking exclusively to omg! today, the West End actress admitted that after Ella Henderson and James Arthur ended up in the bottom two instead of the likes of Rylan on Sunday, she doesn't see the point of the show anymore.

She told us: "I've only caught up on a couple of shows. I watched when Kye went out because he's one of my good friends- I was a bit upset about that.

"And then I watched the one at the weekend with the shock of the two best people being in the bottom two.

"To be honest, I kind of feel like I can't be bothered to watch it anymore because of that."

Denise then explained that she feels the show has lost sight of what it is meant to be, a singing competition.

She said: "For me it is all about the singing but now we're watching people who aren't really that good at singing, the magic's gone. I'm not actually that bothered by it."

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Denise also feels that the X Factor judging panel should take responsibility for the show's loss of Ella.

She  explained: "Tulisa was the one who kept Rylan in a few weeks ago then she was the one saying 'this is a joke' so in a way she's kind of a little bit responsible for him still being there.

"For me I just think the judges need to focus on the singing a bit more rather than the entertainment factor."

Denise admits that despite her high scores she is fearful of the dreaded bottom twoCopyright [BBC]

Two weeks ago, Strictly Come Dancing had its own shock result when Kimberley Walsh appeared in the bottom two despite being one of the highest scoring dancers.

Denise revealed that since this occurred, everyone in the competition has been on edge.

She said: "All of us have been worried since that happened. Even though at Wembley we got three tens, when we were waiting for the results James was in my ear saying 'you know it could be us this week'.

"To have Kimberley [Walsh] then Nicky [Byrne] - they've both got massive fan bases, I don't have that support. I'm just hoping that by putting in the extra hours the dancing will carry me through but we'll see."

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