Adele and baby first photos land hours after Oscars nomination, TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT

Adele is pretty much the most private popstar around. Despite selling a zillion records all over the globe, she managed to avoid being photographed throughout her recent pregnancy and still hasn't revealed her baby's name.

Adele and her babyAdele and her baby were photographed at LAX airport. Copyright [WENN]However, yesterday, just hours after Adele's song Skyfall was nominated for an Oscar, photos of her with her baby landed.

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Cue a collective OH EM GEE throughout the office.

Adele caused paparazzi mania when she landed in LA with her baby snuggled into her inside a sling, with a blanket covering up his face.

Adele with babyAdele was thought to be arriving in America ahead of the Golden Globes on Sunday. Copyright [WENN]In fact, all we could really see of the baby was his little legs and feet in his stripy babygro. Too cute.

Adele looked amazing, but was keen to make her way through the airport as quickly as possible.

She looks like she's already lost any baby weight, dressed in black leggings and a black cardigan, with her hair scooped into a stylish bun.

Adele landed an Oscar nomination yesterday. Copyright [WENN]The 24 year old singer announced she was pregnant via an official announcement on her website back in June. However, despite giving birth in October, Adele and her fiance Simon never released a statement regarding the birth.

It's thought that Adele (and baby) were jetting over to the states ahead of what's thought to be her first public appearance since his birth at the Golden Globes on Sunday.

She's expected to perform the song Skyfall, which has landed her an Oscar nomination in the Best Original Song category.We're crossing our fingers and toes that she wins and adds ANOTHER trophy to her already bursting mantle piece.