David Beckham runs around in his pants, our day/week is made


PHWOAR. PHWOAR. PHWOAR. Copyright: [rex]

Oh thank you underwear Gods from above, this is just what we needed to perk up our Friday evening.

We reckon someone should send these pictures to the Queen immediately so she can pass a law which means Becks must stay in his pants 24/7.

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It is only fair to share something that beautiful, right?

And just what is Becks' stripping off in honour of? (As if he needs a reason).

Well, he is off filming the brand new advert for his latest range for H&M.

Nice socks Dave. Copyright: [rex]

The ad was directed by former Mr Madonna, Guy Richie and Becks plays a smalls clad action hero.

The video sees the footballer running through the streets of Beverly Hills dressed only in his H&M boxer briefs and a pair of slippers.

We don't know about you, but we are LOVING the concept!

Anyone else thinking socks? Copyright: [rex]

"Working with Guy has been a fantastic experience," said Becks. "I hope everyone has as much fun watching the film as I had making it."

We can safely say we will have A LOT of fun, cheers for asking Dave.

These pictures did get us wondering, however... if we buy these pants for our boyfriends is there any chance he will turn into our very own Becks?

It's surely worth a try.

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