David Beckham is naked perfection. Fact.

It's pretty obvious to us all that David Beckham is god-like and we all want to see him naked ALL the time.

And the hot footballer confirmed to us yesterday that he is pretty much as close to  perfection as they come.

David Beckham shows us his flawless body in the new H&M ads/Rex

Asked at the launch of his new H&M underwear range, which area of his body he doesn't like the hunky 36-year-old strained for a while before saying his toes.

He said said: "My toes are not great. Because of football. But they're not bad"

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So the ONE part of David Beckham's naked body that he doesn't like is his toes (and let's face it who cares about them anyway) - and they're actually pretty fine?

That's super-human for you.

Having sat on the front row of the press conference for the launch of his Bodywear range (yes literally in stroking distance) we can vouch for the fact that a fully clothed Becks is flawless.

David Beckham made us drool at the H&M Bodywear launch yesterday/H&M

Perfect tan, perfectly shaped brows, perfect white teeth and perfectly dressed.

We just wish he'd turned up in his pants.