Dappy appears in Cover Drive video, but we’re distracted by Amanda’s stomach

Cover Drive are undoubtedly the band of the moment, with countless celebrity fans.

Dappy in the new Cover Drive videoCover Drive's new video features Dappy. Copyright [Cover Drive]In fact, Dappy is such a fan of Cover Drive that he's not only teamed up with them for their new single, Explode, but appeared in the video too.

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During the video, Cover Drive and Dappy perform in a bar - and whilst we're impressed at the collaboration, we're more impressed with Amanda's stomach.

In the video, Amanda shows off her rock hard abs in a gold crop top, and it's got us practically doing sit ups on the office floor.


We reckon that now Dappy's met and worked with the band, he'll become as protective over Amanda as the rest of the Cover Drive lads.

Cover Drive new videoAmanda looks amazing in the new Cover Drive video. Copyright [Cover Drive]Amanda recently revealed: "There's three guys in my life and they are in my band. They make sure that no one else can get in there.

"They are very protective of me, especially T-Ray. I used to be his babysitter — now he is mine and he prevents guys from hitting on me. He is like a hawk."

However, it's not just Dappy who loves the band. Little Mix have also confessed recently that they love the Bajan group.

Little Mix's Leigh-Ann said: "Do you know what I'd love? I think us and Coverdrive would be amazing. They are wicked."