Danny O'Donoghue QUITS The Voice, there's a surprise... looks like it's just Tom Jones on his lonesome then

Danny O'Donoghue has officially quit The Voice.

Following in Jessie J's footsteps, Danny posted a statement on Twitter this afternoon confirming that he will no longer be a mentor on the show.

Danny O'Donoghue has QUIT The Voice.

Insisting he's now focusing on his singing career, Danny tweeted: "I had two wonderful seasons on The Voice and as everybody knows I gave it my heart and soul and couldn't be more proud of the show and what we have achieved.

"My focus will be on The Script moving forward as we are about to embark on the most important part of our career as a band. Danny."

Danny's act, Andrea Begley, won the latest series, beating Leah during the final and sparking will.i.am to hint that he would be leaving.

Jessie J quit The Voice just a week after the second series' final.

Meanwhile, Jessie beat him to it, handing in her notice and claiming that promotion of her second album is taking precedence.

Will has remained tight-lipped on the subject, although could very well be the next to leave after telling a fan "don't bother" when she said she would audition just to meet him.

He also recently admitting he would only be signing up again if ALL four judges sign up, adding: "As long as the four of us do it, then I'll sign again.

"I think it's important it's the four of us, there's a good chemistry. We talked the last time before we agreed to it and we will this time.

"It would be hard to do it without the others. I can't think about doing it with someone else. It would be weird.

Will.i.am said he would only be back on The Voice if all four judges were coming back...

"I know to look to the left when I'm having a bad day and Jessie will pull some weird-ass face and cheer me up. I know Tom's going to be all silver berry cool and Danny's an inspiration."

It's not looking good, is it...?

Meanwhile, we spotted Leah at Yahoo! Wireless festival over the weekend and asked her how she felt about her career - especially after coming second.

We caught up with Leah McFall at Yahoo! Wireless over the weekend.

And while she's happy for Andrea to have won the show, she reckons she's already on the road to success.

She exclusively told omg!: "Andrea will do really well, I just know it. But, yeah, coming second is probably a good thing in the long run, things are already happening for me, so I'm really happy!"