Danny O’Donoghue’s guilty secret revealed by Reggie Yates (and it’s not Bo Bruce)

The Danny O'Donghue and Bo Bruce relationship rumours may be heating up but when we spoke to The Script's singers colleague on The Voice, Reggie Yates he shared a very different secret about the star…

The presenter spoke about Danny O'Donoghue's penchant for taking photos behind-the-scenes telling us: "Danny is a huge photographer, he loves it.

"We sort of found out through the series [of The Voice] he loves taking photos and he was always snapping backstage."

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And it's at celebrity parties too...

Reggie added: "I was out with Jessie J and Danny at Tinie Tempah's party and I spend half of it with Danny looking at photos on his phone."

danny odonoghueDanny O'Donoghue is a keen photographer - sweet! Copyright [Twitter/Danny O'Donoghue]

When we asked if this was one of his (questionably) geeky hobbies, Reggie confessed it!

He added: "Massively so!"

Well Danny can take our photo any time, although he'd have to be in it and pretty close to us too!

While we spoke to Reggie who is currently promoting Pentax's Meet Britain campaign encouraging people to snap photos that symbolise British-ness.

reggie yatesReggie Yates is supporting the Pentax campaign. Copyright [Pentax]

On the topic of nationalism we also picked Reggie's brains on home-grown stars Cheryl Cole and Jessie J.

Reggie was more than happy to give us his inside take on the girls, saying: "Jessie J is a really fun girl, she's wicked to be around.

"I'm in no position to judge Cheryl Cole because I'm not a singer, all I know is she looked hot when she came on the voice and I enjoyed it that's all that matters to me."

We imagine most men feel that way Reggie!

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