Dannii Minogue reveals her diet secrets and how she got her AMAZING bikini body back after her worrying weight loss

Dannii Minogue looked amazing when she revealed off her bikini body over the weekend, showing off her slender figure in a black bikini on Instagram.

Dannii Minogue showed off her amazing bikini body over the weekend. Copyright [Instagram / Dannii Minogue]

And while she might have GAINED weight since we last saw her, Dannii's looking better than ever after "the year from hell".

The 41-year-old was left looking frail in 2011, after a thyroid problem following the birth of son Ethan AND a bout of appendicitis left her "very weak" and very thin.

But after a year of getting her life back together - despite her split from Kris Smith - Dannii is looking better than ever.

Dannii Minogue had to GAIN weight after shrinking to a tiny size 4 in 2011. Copyright [Instagram]

A source told Closer: "Dannii hit rock bottom last year. First, it was the split with Kris, then the realisation he'd moved on, then her career.

"But Ethan was her shining light and she's finally smiling again. It really shows how happy she is - she's got her curves back and has never looked better!"

And despite looking her best yet, Dannii refuses to spend her life in the gym - instead sticking to a very strict diet and never having 'cheat days'.

The source added: "She's too busy with Ethan and working [to go to the gym], so she watches what she eats.

Dannii Minogue doesn't go to the gym and instead sticks to a strict diet to stay thin. Copyright [Instagram/Dannii …

"Dannii's been on a diet for years - she doesn't have cheat days where she pigs out. Sugar and dairy are out, but she's started eating carbs again in small portions."

Dannii recently admitted that she keeps away from carbs, adding: "They're not so great for your figure, but you have to for your face."

According to the source, Dannii also has regular lymphatic massages to break down cellulite.

But with those Simon Cowell affair rumours back out in the open again today with his new interview, Dannii might not be feeling so great - especially as she thought she could finally leave it behind her.

The source added: "Dannii felt like a laughing stock when the affair came out and she still seemed to be putting on a brave face just a few weeks ago.

"But now she's feeling like things could work out and she's got her confidence back."

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