Danielle Lloyd shows off new boobs and amazing body in bikini, we sigh

Another week, another celebrity in a bikini in an exotic location to make us seriously jealous.

Danielle LloydDanielle Lloyd showed off her amazing bikini body on holiday. Copyright [Danielle Lloyd]

Danielle Lloyd is the celebrity in question this time. She's given us body/life envy with a VERY sexy bikini Twitpic showing off her body and her new boobs, as she lounges in the sun on holiday.

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Danielle Lloyd is away with her two sons, Archie and Harry, and is enjoying basking in the sun. We would be too, given that we've forgotten what the sun even looks like after months of freezing to death.

Danielle showed off her incredible bronzed body, and her brand new boobs in the bikini photo, after having reconstructive surgery.

Danielle Lloyd tweeted this photo of her with her boys in the evening. Copyright [Danielle Lloyd]Danielle had to have her first set of implants taken out after she suffered an almost life-threatening blood clot.

However, the former glamour model wasn't happy with her natural 32AA boobs, and has had them enhanced again to a 32C.

Danielle Lloyd before her most recent boob job. Copyright [Danielle Lloyd]She said recently: "It’s embarrassing, but I don’t want people to think: ‘Oh, she’s had another boob job.’ I want everyone to see the seriousness of what I went through. I’ve been nervous. But I’m pleased with the results – it’s time to start feeling confident and stop hiding away."

Not only were her new boobs looking amazing, but the photo also showed off her toned stomach and legs as she sunbathed.

Danielle tweeted the photo alongside the caption: "Loving the sunshine. Just got kids to sleep so an hour of none stop sunbathing." [sic]

We want to cry.