Daniel Radcliffe, what he’s REALLY like (omg!’s verdict on meeting the man)

Daniel Radcliffe rocked the red carpet at the UK premiere of The Woman In Black last night and behaved beautifully, but behind his bright blue eyes and polite poise who is the former Harry Potter star?


omg! were thrilled to be given an insight into the real Dan when we met with him for an exclusive chat.

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We can reveal that he's incredibly sweet (and not just for us journalist types) he was considerate to the camera crew and make-up artists during our video interview.

He happily jumped up out if his seat to make things easier for the make-up girl, whereas most celebrities we meet stay in their chair.

When we weren't mesmerised by his perfect peepers (which are a light blue) we joked with the man of the moment who, despite being a household name, laughed at himself.

daniel radcliffeTaking legal action: Daniel plays a lawyer in his latest movie

He chatted openly and freely about his personal friendships which some stars flinch at and looked us straight in the eye... *BLUSHES*

On leaving our interview, we held back the urge to leap into Daniel Radcliffe's arms but we could have done just that...

daniel radcliffeHotm stuff: Daniel looks buff in The Woman In Black even though he scared us silly

When getting his make-up touched up, he managed to trip over his boots embarrassed he said, "I'm not sure how that happened."

The star then looked up to check if omg! had seen, naturally we smiled sweetly and said nothing... (but knew we had to share this gem with omg! readers.)

omg!'s exclusive interview with Daniel will be live on 5 February, The Woman In Back is out 10 February