Dancing On Ice 2012: Corey Feldman voted off after pro partner clash

Corey Feldman had to hang up his skates on Sunday night after being voted off Dancing On Ice.

The Stand By Me actor ended up in the skate-off with Dallas actress Charlene Tilton, and the majority of judges out of Robin Cousins, Louie Spence and Katrina Witt saved Charlene.

At least Corey got good comments from Katrina who called it his "best performance."

Corey said: "It's been a lot of fun, a tremendous experience. I love London so any excuse."

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Corey Feldman and his hair were voted off Dancing on Ice / Rex

It was Duel Night on Dancing On Ice, with competitors put into pairs depending on their leaderboard position last week. The twist meant that only one couple could get immunity from elimination.

The 40-year-old skated to Paula Abdul's 'Opposites Attract' and was up against Chemmy Alcott. Although he got good comments, it wasn't enough to save him from the chop.

Viewers were shown Corey and his pro partner Brooke Castile arguing during rehearsals. Corey wanted to do the choreography his way, but Brooke said: "If we do it your way, we'll end up bottom of the leaderboard. We need to first learn the steps and then the music."

Corey stormed off complaining about Brooke's "negative energy" but they were all smiles by Sunday. He admitted: "I'm so sensitive and I get defensive. Things got tough on the ice today."

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We'll miss Corey and his special wisp of hair.