Dancing on Ice 2012: Chemmy Alcott’s, er, communication problems with dance partner

Usually the drama on Dancing on Ice comes from trips and falls, but for skiing champion Chemmy Alcott, the issues began with communication issues with her partner in training.

Chemmy told omg! "We had problems in the beginning because he's Canadian. Skating isn't like skiing — you don't put your body forward and your bottom back, you have to have your hips underneath your bottom. For about a month my partner was like 'Tuck that fanny in!'

Sorry, what?!

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Chemmy continued: "I was like, what are you talking about?! How do I do that?! I was trying and pulling out all these weird hip moves and gyrating. In the VT he was saying 'I don't get why she cant do this, it's a simple move.' So I was like 'Well show me!'

"He just tights his glutes up and puts his bottom underneath his hips. So I said, 'Buddy, we call a fanny something else, you mean bottom!' It was good we got over that hurdle. It was a big hurdle to jump but we succeeded!

Phew, we're glad the pair cleared that one up…