Crying Kelly Rowland refuses to vote so Janet Devlin leaves X Factor

Kelly Rowland was faced with a tough choice on the X Factor results show tonight, with her acts Janet Devlin and Misha B in the bottom two. So how did she deal with it? By refusing to vote, of course!

The girls’ mentor annoyed a lot of viewers by abstaining from the vote. As Louis Walsh and Tulisa Contostavlos had already voted to send Janet home, host Dermot O’Leary explained to Kelly that if she refused to vote Janet would automatically go home, as she would have two out of three votes.

Kelly started crying and said it was too hard to decide, rather than actually choosing Janet to get the boot, or voting for Misha to leave and hoping Gary Barlow would do the same to send it to deadlock (he wouldn’t have: he told Dermot he would have kicked off Janet too).

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Marcus (and Gary Barlow) made it through to next week / Rex

Kelly has been in this position before, when Misha was in the bottom two with Sophie Habibis. This was also the week when Kelly was ill and had to phone her vote in, complete with croaky voice.

It was the exact same scenario, with Louis and Tulisa both giving their votes first, and both saving Misha. Maybe not being there in person made it easier, but Kelly didn’t play the ‘I can’t choose! Don’t make me choose’ card on that occasion, sending Sophie packing (much to our disappointment).

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Happy to be through to the semi-finals then, Amelia and Little Mix? / Rex

In the end though, most viewers (us included) thought it was probably time for Janet to leave the show. She forgot the words to ‘Mmmbop’ on Saturday’s show and hadn’t really lived up the promise she showed in her first audition. When Misha raps, we love her. So bring on the raps next week.

Janet’s parting words were somewhat intriguing. When asked how she felt, Janet told Dermot: “Obviously very confused. I can’t wait to get out of the show and start getting my music out there.”

She must have realised this didn’t sound great, so she added: “And the tour, obvisouly.” Hmmm.

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Olly Murs and Miss Piggy. Genius / Rex

The results show had a couple of amazing moments before the final decision. Olly Murs singing with The Muppets was a highlight of the series for us. Olly is taking over our site on Monday, so make sure you stay tuned for all that fun on

The other exciting part of the show was when the finalists (except Frankie Cocozza) returned to the stage to sing their charity single ‘Wishing On A Star’ alongside JLS and One Direction.

JLS and One Direction joined the finalists on stage / Rex

X Factor Tracker got it right yet again, and the result also followed a pattern our Twitter follower @NoodlesBoo noticed: the act on the right of the screen (nearly) always gets sent home.

With just two weeks left, the final four are nearly there. Almost time to start predicting who’ll win...

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