Could Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag be the most hated Celebrity Big Brother winners ever?

If this series of Celebrity Big Brother could be defined by one word, that word would be Speidi.

Could Spencer and Heidi be the most hated winners ever? Copyright [Channel 5]

The two-headed, reality TV savvy monster has dominated the latest series of the veteran show- becoming public hate figures in the process.

However, with the final just one day away Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have suddenly become second favourite to win the show, only just trailing behind Rylan Clark.

So why are they still in?

To start with, there is no denying that these two know how to put on a show.

From the moment Rylan Clark and Frankie Dettori chose to send them to the Big Brother basement it was clear that Speidi weren’t planning on making life easy in the house for anyone.

They’ve told their housemates on numerous occasions that being on reality TV is their job so with this in mind, it would be fair to say they take their job very seriously- these two are far from work shy.

From openly slating their housemates during the BB Blogger task to sparring with Rylan after they branded him a fake, Speidi seem to relish any opportunity for confrontation.

Spencer and Heidi have caused trouble throughout the series. Copyright [Rex]

Their finest moment, if you could call it that, came just this week when the two declined to take part in the ‘Diletters’ task knowing it would result in Claire From Steps missing out on a much wanted letter from home.

The selfishness this pair has displayed is far beyond anything that has been seen on the show since it aired over a decade ago.

However, no matter how much viewers despise the couple, there is something morbidly intriguing about the way they are wired.

It’s not often that you see born-again Christians willingly backstab, perform lap dances and carry out questionable under-the-sheets tomfoolery on national television.

Heidi and Spencer aren't your average born-again Christians. Copyright [Rex]

The couple have faced every eligible eviction yet to everyone’s surprise, including themselves, Speidi have avoided the chop.

Now if the old voting rules had applied and the public were calling up to evict we have no doubts that the couple would have been out weeks ago.

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However, with the Channel 5 series adopting a ‘vote to save’ approach, for some reason viewers have kept Speidi in.

They may have come across as lovely, down to earth people but why would the public bother voting to save Tricia Penrose or Frankie Dettori over Speidi who have brought that much more to the table?

If they do end up winning, which let’s face it is a very real possibility, there is no denying that they will have earned their crown.

Love them or hate them, this series of Celebrity Big Brother wouldn’t have been anywhere near as entertaining without Speidi’s presence.


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