Conor Maynard Vegas Girl video: Singer chooses Selena Gomez look-a-like as love interest

Conor Maynard is doing nada to distance himself away from the Justin Bieber comparisons as he's opted to use the Canadian crooner's girlfriend, Selena Gomez as inspiration for his Vegas Girl video.

conor maynard vegas girl videoConor Maynard gets pretty close with a Selena Gomez look-a-like in the Vegas Girl video.

In the just-released video Conor Maynard opens things up by stopping a girl in the street who pays a strong resemblance to Selena what with her long brunette locks and olive skin.

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The Brit does his best to chat her up at the start of the video, with his British accent standing out against the American setting.

conor maynard vegas girl videoConor Maynard looks super cute in Vegas Girl video.

After taking her photo the track starts and a Twitpic campaign is launched so Conor can try to find the female who has caught his eye.

The video shows the singer throw some shapes predominately with his arms but we spied a few jumps in there too.

conor maynard vegas girl videoThis girl would be mad not to fall for Conor's chat up technique!

He also shows off some impressive graffiti skills, although we're not 100 per cent sure it's his work…

Conor's Vegas Girl video then culminates in a special club night scene which sees him very almost lock lips with his love interest although it all ends with a tease.

conor maynard vegas girl videoConor even tries some dance moves in this video.

While this hints at the star's real-life type of girl we recently caught up with the man himself and discovered who he'd like to be the next Ms Maynard… watch our video to find out who!